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Medical Directory & Vascular Surgeon
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Vascular Sonographer
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Senior Vascular Technologist
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All the studies we perform are pain free and non-invasive and are all performed by a Vascular Technologist. The tests are interpreted by the vascular surgeon. If an urgent problem is found, an interim report will be phoned or faxed to the referring doctor. A full written report with drawings and/or hard-copy prints will usually be mailed within 48 hours.

Liverpool Vascular laboratory puts the customer convenience on top of everything. We make it a point to ensure that every experience with us is topped with the greatest possible satisfaction that will give enough reason for our clients to value the services that we provide.

There is no better way to handle laboratory procedures than to offer the clients the greatest amount of privacy and convenience as much as possible, and we at Liverpool Vascular Laboratory promise to adhere with the things that can bring the best benefits as well as the things that our clients consider valuable.

We are the best in providing painless and non-invasive vascular laboratory services by looking into the blood vessels in your body. We can get the best images of your blood flow thru the services that we specialise in such as:

Your blood vessels can speak so much about your well-being and once the sound wave bounce back from your blood vessels, we can provide the images that can give the overview of your actual condition. With the expertise of our team and with our highly-specialised equipments, there is no doubt that we can assist you in getting better without having to go through any sort of inconvenience at all.

The Liverpool Vascular Laboratory is conveniently located in the heart of Liverpool situated in close proximity to Liverpool Hospital and major public transport routes. Private parking is available in the council carpark at the rear.